Walt Disney

by: maria rice

Early Life of Walter Disney

Walter Elias "Walt" Disney was born on December 5, 1901 in the state of Illinois. all threw Walters life time he won 22 awards. he was a animator, and cartoonist when Disney was younger he loved trains. Disney had a summer job to help his uncle who was train engineer. he would sell newspaper an snakes. he had four siblings. he lived his most childhood in Marceline, Missour. he started out very small with his art work where he only sold to his friends, family , and neighbors. he also was in world war 1


Disney his education started at Benton grammar school

Disney went to school of the Arts Institute of Chicago and, Kansas city institute attended McKinley High Schoo
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what is he known for?

Walt Disney is knows for his famous cartoon, an animations he has made threw the years as he started very young drawing . when he was older he grew into more of his drawing and idea he made a theme park called Disney Land and became very famous, from the million rides, and shows he created.
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who helped him out?

His brother Roy helped Disney out with his creative ideas, and helped him organize the financial aspect to his career, so his brother was a big help become famous
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things you may of not known about Walt Disney

- he was the original voice of Micky mouse

- he received more Academy awards then any other person in history

-he dropped out of high school to be in the war

A Day in the Life of Walt Disney World - A Time Lapse Video Presentation

how i feel about his success

if he would of never became famous because of his drawing and cartons he has drew , or the the idea an creations he had i would of missed out on my childhood from going to Disney every year with my family and making tons of memories with my cousins as we will have them for the rest of our lifes my mom had this saying " what happens on the boardwalk stays at the boardwalk"
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