B-BOYING exhibit


B-boying started in the 70's in NYC. It started from many different groups of races. The B in B-boying stands for breaking. Breaking comes from the Greek word "breking" which means hoping and jumping. In the 80's power moves started coming in. Power moves are all the crazy moves you see today; freezes, windmills, flips, flares, and many more.

The Exhibit

I picked B-boying for the exhibit because it is very popular with teenagers. When ever teenagers see it they think it is astonishing. It is crazy what these people can do, and teenagers will be very attracted to this if it was an exhibit. It has a lot of history behind it so kids will be learning but also having fun as well.

The actual exhibit

This would be a good exhibit because it can be visual. People can get involved in the dancing and learn new moves. Also there will be a station where you can listen to music b-boys dance to. Real B-boys can come in and show people moves and teach them the history.