OMS 8th Grade Newsletter

Important Reminders and Upcoming Events Below! 5/23- 5/27


Career Cruising

The education plan in career cruising is just a guide and not their actual registration. Although since they already registered for High School they should know what they requested for next year and that should be right. We just wanted to make sure parents know that it is available to keep track of classes in High School. They can change it as they go to better reflect the classes they are taking. Their username for career cruising is their regular username with FC- in front of it and their Password is their reg password without the ! at the end. The purpose of them getting the sheet we sent home Wednesday signed is to make parents aware that career cruising will be available for students and parents to use as a guide to keep track of High School classes during their High School years. The sheet also states the general requirements for graduation. Career Cruising is also has other valuable career and college resources and information. Parents, please sign the sheet and have your student return it to Otwell. Career Cruising will be available throughout your child’s High School years.

Thank you,

Otwell Counseling Department

Social Studies

Ms. Sessa:

Students are reviewing by completing their Buford Damn STEM project.

Ms. Salazar:

Students worked so hard on their Burford Dam STEM projects this week! We will present on Monday & a final summative grade will be taken.

Ms. Coleman:

Social Studies STEM Project Presentations will begin Tuesday May 24th and end Wednesday May 25th.


Mrs. Holmes, Mr. McCormack, Mr. Kinneer:

Students will complete their STEM Alternative Energy project presentations this week. For the remainder of the week, students will work on small STEM related activities.

We have enjoyed working with this group this year! We are so proud of all they have accomplished! Thank you so much!! We wish them the best of luck in the future! :)


Ms. Pitner and Ms. Wharton:

This week students have been working on our STEM project! This project has brought out the creativity in math by creating a music video based on a math topic. Ms. Pitner, Mrs. Cooper, and Mrs. Wharton have grouped our students together for collaboration across math classes. Students also have been researching Lake Lanier and the Bufurd Dam on how math affects the world around us. We look forward to seeing the final product!!

Ms. Cooper:

Accelerated/Advanced Math – Cooper – Please check the class website for all assignments (ie. homework, class work, and assessments).


Ms. Pacheco:

I don't know how to begin to tell you all just how proud I am of your student(s). They walked into my room barely able to count to 10 and now they are having basic conversations in Spanish. On Wednesday May, 25th we will take our Final Exam. It covers Units 5-7 so please encourage them to study their vocabulary at home. Thank you for your consistent support throughout this school year.

Ms. Campos:

Final exam is scheduled on Wednesday 5/25. It has been my pleasure to teach your child! Have a safe summer.

Language Arts

Mrs. Taylor:

On Level:

We finished our novel study this past week. We will work on writing and presenting for the next few weeks. The students will begin a document based writing (DBQ) task. This will be completed in class and will count for their last summative grade.


We were supposed to begin our DBQ unit in writing. Due to the testing schedule, we read and discussed the classic “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”

This upcoming week we will begin our writing unit. It is hard to believe that this will be our last summative grade.

Mrs. Barrett & Ms. Sams:

Ms. Sams's and Mrs. Barrett's language arts classes will be completing their final summative project entitled "Class, Gender, and Race in To Kill a Mockingbird: Is Mayella Powerful?" Students are studying documents and excerpts from the novel to determine how factors of social class, gender, and race can make a person or character either more or less powerful in society. We will also be assisting in the research for our 8th grade STEM project ecompassing the history behind and the building of the Buford Dam.


Mrs. Griffey:

We will be reading a novel study. we will be reading the story and discussing the events. We'll have a formative on vocabulary and a summative on the events of the story. This will take us the the last week of school.