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January 8th, 2021

North Elementary

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Principal's Points

Hello North Families!

Welcome to 2021! I hope you were able to enjoy some time with family and friends during the winter break. Our first week of school is at an end and it has been a great week. A few reminders as we move into the second semester:

  • The temperature outside has definitely dropped so be sure to send your children to school with some extra layers of clothing, including hats and mittens. A reminder that students will be going to recess and gym outside so please make sure they are appropriately attired.
  • A reminder that for now, we will continue with our multiple arrival and dismissal times to help for in-person safety
  • Please make sure your child changes their mask regularly and it is washed regularly.
  • Mid-year NWEA testing will begin soon.
  • Reminder to follow our covid protocols should your child feel ill.

I look forward to a great second semester!


Robert Lugo


North Elementary

Virtual Learners

Welcome back! I hope that everyone had a relaxing winter break and that though I’m sure it was different than normal, that you were able to create some good memories during that time.

Giving Feedback to your Child(ren)

It is important to note the difference between giving praise and giving feedback. As educators we discuss the importance of moving beyond saying things like great job and awesome work. Yes, we all like to hear those words but when we say them without any connection to why it was great or awesome, it becomes less useful to the child (or the adult) to know what they are doing that they should keep doing. It also helps the child understand what their strengths are. Therefore, consider saying things like…

  • Wow, as a reader today I saw how you took time to think about what you had read before responding.

  • Look at you! As a writer, you added words that help me visualize what you are saying.

  • As a mathematician you just skip counted to help you figure that one out.

  • As a learner, you thought deeply about this issue in history. You read about what happened and shared your thinking.

  • You just showed me how stretch out a word so you can read it all the way through. Great job!

So praise can be included or not included with feedback, yet always naming what the child did is important. You can then give next steps…

  • Now, as a reader I want you to try…

  • Next, think about this…

  • You are ready to do…

This is a small glimpse into what teachers do when they are meeting one-on-one in conferences with your child(ren), and in small groups. As you work with your child at home, consider the feedback you are giving. If you ever want to talk through giving feedback more, just reach out to me. Our goal is to build confidence in the learner while also nudging them to learn more.

Upcoming Events and Announcements

1/14 - Channel the Flannel spirit day (wear your flannel)

1/14 - Papa John Fundraiser

1/18 - No school MLK Day

There is still some artwork left from last year (since we ended so abruptly), if your child has a specific piece he/she would like back, please email me at <> with the following information:

-Student Name

-Last year's teacher

-This year's teacher

-Description of artwork you are wanting back

Any artwork left after February 5th will either be discarded or repurposed.


Ms. Fritz

To help ensure all children have access to nutritious food, the USDA has extended free
breakfasts and lunches for all students until the end of the school year. Eating school meals helps support our cafeterias during this tough time. It also cuts down on grocery bills and meal prep time while providing a balanced meal. All school food is being covered and wrapped in order to keep your child safe. You can find the updated 2021 menus HERE


Cindy Celusnak

Cafeteria Manager

North Elementary

Ext: 28503

Jump Rope for Heart and PE kits

We still have Jump Rope for Heart prizes and PE kits that have not been picked up. Emails were sent out in November and December if you have prizes or kits to pick up. Please come to North to pick them up as soon as possible.

Job Opportunities

Are you or anyone you know looking for a part-time job? We have 3 part-time (29 hours/week) assistant jobs available. If interested, please contact Rob Lugo at 317-773-0482 or

Counselor's Corner

North Elementary and all Noblesville Elementary Schools are partnering this year with Health Ed Pros to bring Here We Grow! to our 4th grade students and The Facts of Life to our 5th grade students. Below is more information on these programs. All instruction is developmentally appropriate and aligns with the National and State Academic Standards for Health and Wellness.

Here We Grow! 4th Grade Program: A human growth and development program which targets 4th grade students and their journey through puberty. Classes are separated by gender to allow students the opportunity to ask questions more comfortably. The primary focus of this program centers around heredity, hormones, and hygiene, along with a brief overview of the male and female reproductive systems.

The Facts of Life a 5th Grade Program: A human growth and development program which targets fifth grade students and their journey through puberty. Classes are separated by gender to allow students the opportunity to ask questions more comfortably. The program includes an overview of the male and female reproductive systems, review of all body systems, the process of human reproduction from fertilization to birth, and how their body grows and changes during puberty.

North Elementary 4th and 5th grade programs will be either March 22nd, April 15th or April 16th, depending on the teacher. Noblesville Schools Virtual Parent Night is scheduled for Wednesday, January 13th at 7 pm. This meeting is open to all parents of 4th & 5th grade students. Children should not attend this meeting. This will be an opportunity for parents to learn more about the presentation and ask questions about the program. Register for this virtual preview session by clicking here.

News from the Nurse

Happy New Year!! Many of us make New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier, exercise more in the new year, but what about our children? Here are a few ideas to help promote kids’ health:

1. Get moving! Being active is a big part of staying healthy. Too expensive to join a gym or too cold to go outside? Think back to when you were a kid – put on some music and dance around, jump rope, how about a game of Twister? All fun things to do together!

2. Cut back on fat, add more fruit and veggies. You don’t have to cut out pizza – add more veggies! Change whole milk to 1% or skim milk.

3. Limit soda and sugary drinks. They’ll learn they can survive – and thrive - without having it every day. Water flavor packets are a good alternative.

Happy, healthy 2021!! J

Community News

4-H Exploration Night - Explore the Gift of 4-H

Click here to register

December 2, 2020 - OR - January 12, 2021

5:30 – 7:00 p.m.

(come anytime)

Noblesville Youth Baseball

Preschool - 6th Grade

Registration starts January 1, 2021

Click here for more information.