The lurking Maudie

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Reason for creating miss Maudie

The reason for creating the character miss Maudie was to show how she cares for the children in maycomb in a courteous manner rather than all the other adults because they feel the children are not as useful as they should be or they way the adults wanted them to be. In the story it states"she called us by our names". No other adults would call them by their names, showing that miss Maudie is a generous widow who cares for children

This chapter was written because miss Maudie obviously knows everyone in maycomb due to the fact she is an older woman and knows more than anyone and probably understands things a bit more. Miss Maudie respects everyone in many ways including boo radley. In paragraph eleven the text says "his name is Arthur and he's alive." Even if someone who shields himself inside his home most of the time, miss Maudie still respects Arthur radley as a person and no matter what he may have done.

Miss Maudie's opinion

Miss Maudie's opinion of the children is they are sweet and very generous towards her and respects her by having a full ongoing conversation with miss Maudie. Miss Maudie also wants scout, Jen, and Charles baker Harris to like her. In paragraph nine it states "when she was admitted into our confidence, every time she baked she made a big cake and three little ones, and she would call across the street." Jim finch, scout finch, Charles baker Harris, come here!