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"Defective Detective" - Avner Geller and Stevie Lewis


The detective creates inferences about the old lady from things he hears or sees and not on what is actually true.
LAA@TEX: Rangers turn two on overturned call in 1st


This video shows a call being overturned (disproved) during a Rangers game earlier this season.


The "ragged" boy thinks the other boy has everything and wants to be like him until he finds out the life the boy actually lives. This proves that looks can be deceiving.
Taken Phone Speech [HD]

Strategic Emotionality

Liam Neeson in the film Taken using death threats as a way to get his daughter's kidnapper to release her.

8 Physical Effects of Emotions

1. Increased pulse rate (Fear)

2. Decreased respiration rate (Sadness)

3. Increased heart rate (Anger)

4. Increased epinephrine levels in body (Surprise)

5. Decreased cortisol levels in the bloodstream (Happiness)

6. Increased oxytocin levels in the body (Love)

7. Increased blood pressure levels (Stress)

8. Increased insomnia/trouble sleeping (Grief)

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Emotional Ineptitude

This is an example of a cartoon showing emotional ineptitude. The boycotter is upset with the treatment of factory farmed animals. The cartoons of the man and other characters show a very different view and display it in an insensitive manner. They do not seem to care how the animals are treated, which upsets the boycotter.
Best comments by Simon Cowell

Emotionally Tone Deaf

Simon Cowell from American Idol is a great example of someone who is emotionally tone deaf. He is not empathetic and doesn't try to sugarcoat his comments, even when it is obvious the person receiving the criticism is upset by his remarks.
The back handed compliment - how I met your mother

Backhanded Compliment

In the TV show How I Met Your Mother, Barney compliment's Chrissy's glasses but then says it pulls away from the chin situation she has going on.
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Overdisclosure on Social Media

Here is an example of overdisclosure on social media.
Carrie Underwood-American Idol Audition

Someone Graciously Accepting a Compliment

Carrie Underwood is very kind and gracious in accepting the compliments the judges gave her at her American Idol audition.