The Academy of Sports & Fine Arts

"Freedom Through Knowledge"

Hours 7:10-2:10

Closed on weekends aside from school festivities/activities.

Library closes at 5:00 everyday.

Mission and Vision

Mission Statement :

The mission of The Academy of Sports and Fine Arts is to foster a dynamic learning community committed to preparing our students for a rapidly changing society by conforming to each individuals personality and needs, allowing them to enjoy freedom through knowledge.

Vision Statement :

The Academy of Sports and Fine Arts will develop each child to his or her fullest potential in academics and talents by fostering a diverse, productive environment; so that each may grow to lead a healthy and meaningful life.

Homecoming Spirit Week September 12 -16

Masquerade on Bourbon Street Homecoming is Saturday, September 17 from 8 to 11. Tickets will be on sale online, during lunch and at lunch for $15. Come join us fun, mystery and music! A night you won't forget.

Founders : Skyla Sheffield and Derrius Reynolds