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September 24, 2015

Happy 5th Week of School!

It is officially Fall now! That means cooler temperatures are on the way, right???

Please read the district & campus news below. As always, let me know if you have any questions or would like to meet.


Parent Conference Day: Monday, October 12 (10:00 am - 6:00 pm)

I placed the ISIP letters in your boxes this week. Please have parents sign the letters during parent conferences. You will keep a copy and give parents the other copy.

Resources: (also located on the Staff Website, under IC Resources)


Problem Solving:

Carrie Dellinger and I saw AMAZING learning happening in your classrooms when we visited this week. Here are a few highlights we wanted to share:

  • 1st grade - Students were making connections between problem solving and number talks. While learning about Representation for the first time, students brainstormed different ways to represent their thinking.
  • 3rd grade - Students created a Problem Solving booklet to use while learning about the rubric and the processes. They will return to the same problems each week to focus on a new process and assess their own progress.
  • 4th grade - I Can statements were posted to remind students that they were focusing on a specific process during problem solving. Teachers conferred with each student about their formative assessment and where they were on the rubric.
  • 5th grade - When a new process was introduced, students had a discussion with their tablemates about what they noticed on the rubric. They also discussed what student work might look like if they were a novice, apprentice, etc. for that process.
  • Kinder & 2nd grade - We weren't able to visit Kinder or 2nd due to scheduling conflicts, but we KNOW incredible things are happening in your classrooms, too!

Here is a video of a 5th grade team debriefing their formative assessment after the first week of Exemplars. This debrief can "look" many ways; the important thing to focus on is the conversation. Data Analysis from 1st Formative Assessment

Curriculum Updates:

3rd-5th grade curriculum writing was this week, so lessons will be posted for Cluster 2 next week. K-2 has curriculum writing on September 28, so lessons for Cluster 2 will be posted on October 5. If your teams are backwards planning for Cluster 2, you can use the Cluster Planner, CBA, and Scaffolding Documents to work on the following: unpack the TEKS and identify SB and TB, create CFAs, plan problem solving and work stations.

Powerful Formative Assessment Routine:

Formative assessments inform instruction for learning. Only by knowing where each student is on their learning path can we truly differentiate their instruction.

This daily routine is called My Favorite No. Students complete one or two problems on an index card. The teacher collects the cards and sorts them into “yes” and “no” piles (correct and incorrect answers), and then the class analyzes the “favorite no." The teacher knows the most common mistake students make on that type of problem. She addresses the mistake in her instruction to the point that students no longer make it.

This could be done with weekly formative assessments, as long as student names are covered. You could even switch papers with another class if you are worried about students being upset by seeing their own work as a "favorite no."

My Favorite No


BOY Literacy Assessment Window: 9/1 - 9/30. Remember to enter literacy scores in Aware by Wednesday, September 30th.

GR Library Parent Letter: These were printed on green paper and placed in your boxes on Tuesday. Please send them home with students as soon as possible. Students can begin taking home books from the Guided Reading Library when they return the signed letter.

Text Coding:

Text coding should be used when it will improve a student's reading comprehension. The poster below could be shared with students as they begin learning to code.

Printable Copy:

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All PDs are ready for registration in Eduphoria!

You can search for them by date and title. They will all say "Scott & Norris Only." Please register if you plan to attend.

Strategy Groups: Thursday, September 24th (3:30-4:30) @ Norris

LLI: Thursday, October 1st (3:30-5:00) @ Scott

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