Pay It Forward!

By: Madelynn Jurgensen

Pay It Forward!

Pay It Forward!


Do you know that it would be fantastic if somebody did a good deed to you and you did a good deed to another person and it kept on going? By the way that is called Pay It Forward! Pay It Forward means that if someone does a good deed to you then you do a good deed to someone else and people keep doing good deeds and it is like a chain that never stops!

If you really want nothing to do with this close this tab and shut the lid and read a different story about selfishness. If you are not selfish than just read the next paragraph for some ideas that you can do around the world.

I am going to tell you some random acts of kindness that I have learned the last few days. Most of these things I have done to people in this town of Clear Lake. Number one is that you should help someone if they drop something or if they lose something you can help them find it. Another thing that you could do around your town is to help others carry something if they have too much stuff in their hands.

You could also help homeless people by donating clothes to charities in your town. Another thing you could do is give away your toys that you don’t play with anymore to people that don’t have toys because their family doesn't have that much money. You could also give money to towns that need to buy food or make schools like Haiti.

I am a part of a hockey team in Mason City called the Mason City Mohawks. Our team helps each other out. One thing that I have helped someone with is skating, crossovers , stick handling and shooting. By doing this we become a better team. By working together we are paying it forward!

I would love it if you would Pay It Forward in your town and help other out around your town or even in a different country. I am challenging all of Clear Lake to Pay It Forward in this town today!


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