Colonies and Colonial Regions

Colonial Cities You Should Go To!

City #1: Plymouth

Plymouth, a city located in eastern Massachusetts is the history filled place for you! Did you know that the Mayflower Compact (signed in Plymouth), is considered to be the first written constitution? In the document, it established a colony that was self governed by male church members! You might ask, "How did they get there?" Well, the Pilgrims' ship was blown off course, which is why they ended up in Plymouth!

City #2: Jamestown

If that last city didn't get you interested, here's another amazing city! It's called Jamestown! You may have heard of it before because that's where Thanksgiving was born! The Pilgrims received help from the American Indians on how to grow crops. Later in the fall, there was a plentiful feast they shared with the Indians and is now a tradition and holiday!

City #3: Charles Town (South Carolina)

Have you ever thought about where the first colonists of a state came from? Well in Charles Town in South Carolina, their first colonists came mostly from Barbados! Their daily life included raising cattle, cutting timber, and trading with the American Indians. If you want to learn more about Charles Town, contact me with the information at the bottom of the brochure!

Rivers to Visit!

River #1: James River

If you were interested in Jamestown, the James river is actually located in Jamestown! The river is 348 miles long and at the river there are many fun, recreational activities you can participate in! Some of those activities include canoeing, fishing, kayaking, hiking, and swimming! It's never boring at the James River!

River #2: Hudson RIver

The Hudson river may not be as long as the James river, but at 315 miles, it's still an awesome river! The Hudson river begins at Lake Tear in New York and leads to the Atlantic Ocean.