Hurricanes are one of the most violent storms. They form over the equator where there is warm water. The term hurricane is actually a large storm over the Atlantic Ocean or the Pacific Ocean. A hurricane is a tropical storm.

Hurricanes are deadly wind storms that bring heavy rain, fierce winds and deadly waves. Hurricanes form from warm moist air that gets sucked in the hurricane which makes it a really deadly storm. When a hurricane hits lots of damage happens. These types of storms rip up small and big trees and can either damage tons of houses or destroy an entire town. Most of these storms go for more than a couple days and some go for tons of days.

Hurricanes always need warm moist air to live and to destroy.

If you look at a hurricane you will watch it go always counter clock wise.

Hurricanes always need high winds to spin the hurricane. Hurricanes are the most powerful storm alive. Warm waters give energy to spin the hurricane. The hurricane winds have to be (131km) or more to be a hurricane. They usually take a long time to form so get out if you can. Hurricanes often hit down oil platforms and also damage oil wells.

The earth’s rotation helps the hurricane spin.


The warmer the air, the bigger the hurricane will be. Near the equator there is lots of warm water so it can breed deadly hurricanes.

Hurricanes are natural disasters. A hurricane is actually part of the water cycle. Hurricanes are the strongest storm and can be the biggest storm. Hurricanes often bring strong winds that are able to bring down tree trunks. They are able to be hundreds of miles wide.

Safety Plan

When the storm has hit you should have a first aid kit or a disater kit ready till the storm ends and you should also have your animal or pet plan in case the get hurt. In case a storm is threatning you should call your doctor or if you have a pet call his or her veterinarian. Make sure all the windows you have in your house are closed in case things go flying. Take a look around the house and if you find any big funiture block all the windows so items like tree branches or bigger things don't come in.You should probably know where you are at the time so you can call people so they know a storm is coming. Make sure you have a safety kit or something similar for you and your car. your car needs to be filled up with gas to get out wereever you live. Money is really good at hurricane matters because you can't go to the bank for some more money to buy things so get money before hurricane hits. Have these things ready to go first aid kit, flash light, gas and water.

interesting facts

Hurricane Andrew and hurricane Katrina were the most damaging hurricanes in the world so far. Hurricanes weaken by north cool waters. Hurricanes can be 600 miles long. Each hurricane can last a week! More than 3 million people were hurt by hurricane Mich.