Farewell to Manzanar Chapter 12

By: Alex, Cameron, and Payton


In this chapter it talks about how Jeanne and her family move to one of the nicer blocks in Manzanar. While they are there Papa developed a new hobby. That hobby is to enjoy the outdoors. He occupies his time drawing and painting, and exploring the trails. In Manzanar, it becomes better for the people living there. They have made it into a world of its own. It is filled with houses, churches, and schools that the children can go to. Jeanne talks about how her family is really adjusting to the new life style. She says that her siblings are now into activities and even Woody decides to volunteer for the United States Army. At the end of the chapter Jenne talks about the yearbook and how the last page was of a woman and her dog walking down a peaceful pathway of the Manzanar camp.