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Welcome to the first edition of our new Sk8Book Newsletter!

These are momentous times for Sk8Book and the skating community as a whole. With this news letter we will keep you up to date and informed in the news going on in the Sk8 Community.

Tampa SoulRoll Invitational was a BLAST, BAMA was INSANE, and the Skaters Chocie was AMAZING!!!!

As we move on to Feburary JiveBiscuit Family Reunion ATL & WinterFest NJ are around the corner, and we can't leave out IcyHot OH. Indeed Feburary is projected to be an eventful month!!!!!

(I'm trying to send more images but for some reason I'm having trouble, so far this is my content. I plan to release this news letter Feb 1st. Pending on how this turn out I may be interested in bringing you on board. Feel free to format and rearrange how you see best)

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It is our pleasure to present Sk8Book Jr. Sk8Book Jr is our newly formed Non-Profit organization. The Children today are dealing with both physical and mental challenges that need to addressed by us responsible adults in the community. "We Stimulate the Physical and Mental Growth of our Youth, through the Advocacy of Health, Fitness, Literacy, and Goal Setting---Sk8Book Jr" Please show some love and "Like" our page. The page will be robust with info very soon. Stay tuned!!!

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