Welcome to Lineville

By: Hunter Krahn


so are you scared about what is different about lineville. Well don't be scared. I will infer you about Lineville's school things that are different.


There are several different things about lineville's lockers. There is a combination that you have to remember so i am going to tell you. you have to spin it and switch the way and a ton of confusing things. That will take a few times before you get it. Finally then you will have it down and be able to do it no problem. This is all you need to now about lockers.

Music options

Now I am going to tell you about the music chooses. First there is band, choir, orchestra and I chose band. In choir you sing to parents no instrument . When in band you get a ton of choices and it is what I am in band. Next is that you might not get what you want you might get a different instrument. Finally Orchesta you get to play stuff like the viola and stuff like that. Ok I hope you have fun. The one I like the most is band.


The halls are different from the other schools. The halls have red tape and blue tape and they mean different things. The red tape means zero zone and you cannot talk at all and you can get green tickets for being good. Next is the blue tape and that is for you to talk you can whisper but not talk loud. So I hope you know what to do in the halls.

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There are things that cost different punishments. There are miners that are the littlest punishment because you forgot to do your homework. The worst is a mash a after school detention and majors that are very bad. You could get a major for getting apps on iPads, and fighting. So like when you get a game like madden moble. So don't do any thing bad.


Alright the homework it might be different but the same. So the homework is the same but then there is some things different. In forth grade you get less homework but you get more here. And here you should be doing 50 minutes of homework a night. So I hope you have enough facts about the homework.


i hope you know enough that is different from your school. I hope you succeed at lineville. Good luck and hope you have a lot of fun!