Monday Message

Monday, September 28

Student Led Conferences

Student Led Conference Day is fast approaching. You will want to be sure that your students are using and are familiar with their data folders before this day!

*** The District is revising the Promotion/Retention policy. The Board will take the final vote tonight and I will know more about it on Wednesday at our Staff meeting. As soon as I know, I will let you know. Since STAAR results will not be returned until mid-June, we won't have students attend summer school because of their results. More to come!

Please be sure that you have set up a conference with all of your families. I appreciate your willingness to met with parents on alternate days, early or late on student led conference day. that is a great example of our Customer Satisfaction efforts!

You will want to set aside some time on Monday or Tuesday of next week to let the students practice. letting them practice with a partner is a great way to have them go through the agenda and the information to be shared.

We will want a copy of your conference schedule in the office. This helps parents when they call to ask us when their conference save us from needing to interrupt your teaching! Please put your copy in the folder that is behind Diane's desk by Friday, October 2. Thank you!

Faculty Meeting

We will have a Faculty meeting on Thursday at 3:20. We will meet in the Art Room.

See you then!

Report Cards and Grades

All grades for the first six weeks should be entered by this Friday, October 2 at 9:00 AM.

Report Cards will go home on Thursday, October 8, the day after Conference Day. We will have our College Day on Thursday, so plan to wear jeans and your favorite college shirt or college colors!

Energy Check

Please be sure that you are turning off all of the computers, printers, lamps, radios or any other electronic devices before you leave each day. We were monitored last week and we had several classrooms with things left on. You might have found a little yellow slip taped onto a computer or printer. Thank you for your help saving energy!

Fire Prevention Month

The Bedford Fire Department will not be sponsoring a fire prevention poster contest this year and they will not be having and fire prevention assemblies. They hope to be back in the schools next year! Feel free to incorporate the important messages that they have brought over the years in your lessons and in your classroom.

Meadow Creek PTA National Night Out

Meadow Creek PTA will be hosting its National Night Out on Tuesday, October 6 from 5:30 to 8:00 PM here at Meadow Creek. Hopefully you will be able to stop by, stay for dinner or stay for the whole event. If you are staying for dinner, be sure to RSVP. PTA appreciates your support very much! We will have a jeans day on Tuesday, October 5 for those that wear their Meadow Creek white, PTA shirt!

Refrigerator Permit!

Don't forget to turn in your payment for the refrigerator permit. The deadline is October 1. If you are not able to purchase a permit at this time, be sure to take your refrigerator home until you can. They will prorate the fee once you bring it back. They do come to the classrooms to check to make sure that everyone who has a refrigerator, has a permit. Thank you for taking care of this soon!

Thank you!

Thank you for collecting Pansy money and SchoolStore slips last week! You take are of so many things each day and still do such a great job helping your student learn!

PTA now has a mailbox in the office to collect anything that would be PTA forms, money, payments and such. We will make sure you know when it is PTA and when it is school related so you will know the right sport foe everything!

Professional Development

September 28

2nd Math Preview

K ELA Preview

5th Science Preview

September 29

3 and 4 Science Preview

6th Math Preview

September 30

K Math Preview

4th ELA Preview

October 5

Show Me What You Want: Showcase the lesson and the learning with interactive tools

October 6

Classroom Accommodations in Science grade 4-6

October 13

Every Student, Every Book, Every Day

LA Grades 3-5

October 13

Number Talks for Addition and Subtraction

October 21

Integrating technology in the reading classroom

LA Grades K-5

October Birthdays

October 5 Marcella Zendejas

October 19 Diana Collado

October 24 Ronda Willis

Important Dates

September 30 - Adopt-A-School Breakfast at 9:00

October 1 - Deadline for refrigerator permits.

October 2 - Grades due for the end of the 1st six weeks by 9:00 AM Spirit Day and Jeans

October 2 - Turn in copy of your Conference Day schedule

October 2 - 6th grade Rita's Italian Ice fundraiser after school

October 3- Bicycle Extravaganza

October 6 - Math CBA 1 grades 3-6

October 6 - Meadow Creek National Night Out 5:30 to 8:00

October 7 - Student Led Conference Day

October 8 - Report Cards sent home, College Day

October 9 - Fire Drill

October 12 - Holiday!

October 15 - PK Field Trip and 6th grade Field Trip

October 15 - Reflection entries due

October 19 - Spring Creek Spirit Night

October 20 - Spring Creek Spirit Night

October 23 - All Pro Dads Breakfast

October 26 - Red Ribbon Week

October 30 - 4th grade field trip

November 3 - 5th and 6th grade Fine Arts Field Trips

November 4 - Picture Make Up Day

November 4 - 50th Day of School

October 31 - Meadow Creek PTA Fall Festival

October 20 - Reading CBA 1 for grades 3-6