Climb The Day Away

By:Sirus Carnine

What you will need

To climb a mountain like Mt. Everest you will need a lot of gear. The most important ones are the Coats, Crampons, Oxygen tanks, and the obvious stuff like that. Then there are some pieces of equipment that you would have never thought of and really need like a face mask so you don't get a weird sickness and that you would need your shoes would need to be a size or two bigger so your feet can move freely and so you don't get frost bite right away.

How much will it cost

The trip up Mt everest for example can cost from 30,000 to 70,000 dollars for every thing. Like your coats, passports and stuff like that. You can get discounts and but don't count on it because You wont get much money off the price.
Come to this website

This is a good website to learn about Mt. Everest.