Fabulous & Fashionable for FALL!!!

I can not lie, fall is my favorite time of year! A comfy sweater, jeans, boots and some fabulous bling of course is my favorite outfit. I wish the temperature would align with my outfit of choice but as I always tell my kids there is 1 thing mom has no control over and that is the weather! But the great thing about Stella & Dot jewelry is it is "wear now, wear later" what looks great with a tank and shorts will transfer beautifully to a blazer and blue jeans!

My customers are loving the new line! Top sellers are the Trinity- versatility always sells (I have gold but I have sold silver too), the Hailey Necklace (again versatility) and the Madison Tech bag (Love it!). We will be able to sample again at 50% off later in September when the holiday line launches and we can normally sample the entire line so if there are any pieces you wish you would have gotten you should be able to do it then.

As always, I am here to chat, brainstorm or strategize when you need to. Please reach out to me and we can chat over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, either virtually or in person!


Did You Know....

Little Girls Line Launched today...you can do 1 sample order at 50% off between now- Sept 3. Get all the details and images at http://lounge.stelladot.com/news/girls-collection. This collection is a great "add-on" to sales at check-out. Make sure to read all the details by clicking on Sampling FAQs on commissions, buy 2, get 1 at 50% off...

Dottie is a game changer...the average trunk show sale where Dottie is used is up 20% due to the ts exclusives popping up and the finish the look feature on the app!

Stylists who attend meetings are 80% more successful than those who don't...This is a huge business booster going into our biggest selling/commission season of the year! Please sign up to attend your local Fall Reentree Training event on Monday September 9th by registering here http://fallbootcampcincy.eventbrite.com/. Chicago ladies, yours is on the same day and you have the fabulous Anita Karpata attending www.chicagofallréentrée.eventbrite.com.

That you can not have Stella & Dot in your email address... Neither did I and I got an email from corporate that it wasn't compliant and I had to change it. According to policy and procedures you can not have any derivative of stella or dot in your email address. I had to change mine and if yours includes it you need to as well (sorry if I told you to use sdby...that is what I was told to use too). It was an easy change and if you have questions let me know. I just forwarded my old emails to my new account fogelbarb@gmail.com and you need to change it in 2 places on the website, on your account page and your contact info on your personal website.

Looking forward to watching you all rock your fall!

Barb Fogel

Star Stylist