McKenna Darling

March 5- September 27

"One of the hardest things someone can ever face is death of someone they know, love, and care about... September 27th was the worst night of my life, and by far one of the saddest."

What happened?

"Just like that, her precious life was taken away from her on Lower Rocky River Rd. on their way to Pizza Hut before the game. Not wearing a seatbelt, not in the car she was supposed to be in, going way too fast around the turn, she was gone. They hit a hole off on the side of the road, and lost control of the car. They hit a telephone pole then spun sideways into a tree. The tree hit exactly where Katelyn was sitting behind Grant, who was driving."

Link to a video someone made for Katelyn at the barn.


Overcoming Adversity

Even though there isn't a day that goes by that Katelyn doesn't cross my mind, I've realized she's in a better place. She fulfilled her purpose for God, and he rewarded her with letting her come home to Heaven. She led 50+ people to Christ at her funeral, so even when she was gone, she wasn't done. She lived a short, yet great life. Knowing I now have another guardian angel up there past the pearly gates watching over me has helped me through a lot. There's plenty of situations where I didn't get seriously hurt and injured when I should have, but I think Katelyn was just watching out for me. Only the good die young, and I can't wait to go up there to catch up and hang out with her again some day :)