News From the Pond

Mrs. Murphy's Kindergarten

Reading and Writing


Theme 5: Who I Am

Letter of the Week
: Ii - short /i/ word families

Sight words: go, at

Comprehension strategy
: Fix-up strategies


Topic 6: Comparing numbers through 10

Dressing for the Weather

After these warmer weather days, there is not much snow left. Remember to watch the weather forecast so your child can be prepared for playing outside. Students are outside for 20 minutes, so hats and gloves are important. Please be sure your child has a pair of shoes to wear at school on days that he/she wears boots to school. Boots are too clumsy to wear in the classroom and can be a safety issue. Additionally, boots track in a lot of water into the classroom, which makes our tile floor quite slippery.

STAR Readers

We had a great time celebrating our great reading with our Game Day! Here are some pictures of us enjoying playing our games. Keep reading so we can keep adding scales to our December fish and earn another special day!