Research Summary

Ilhan, Zowda and Hanad's R&B Magazine


Our group's research will influence the ideas we bring forth to generate our magazine.

It will influences us in terms of deciding which conventions we will hold important for our magazines. Our findings for example questionnaire results will inform various aspects for example our masthead, layout etc. We will use our magazine analysis, secondary research and our questionnaire to help us form an idea of how we present and style our magazine.

Magazine anaylsis

In this research, we analysed front pages,content pages and double page spreads so we can pick the conventions we believe will be of important use for us,

Front Pages

We analysed front pages of music magazines of different genres to get an idea of what the general conventions are used in music magazines' front pages. To us, we believe that masthead, 3 colour rule and main image.

  • Masthead is important to us as it will be what the magazine is going to be known as. This is important because our customers will identify us via masthead and the style of it will attract different groups of people. We want to attract our chosen target audience.
  • The 3 colour rule is also important to us as different colours attract different market segments. We want to attract a particular type of segment, females aged 16-20. So, its essential to pick the right colours to attract our audience.
  • The main image is important to our magazines as it will be the first thing that the reader sees. The main image decides whether our magazine attracts or distracts readers. It is important for us to pick what will attract and we can do this by analysing our results in the questionnaire.

Content Pages

By analysing contents pages we were able to see what conventions were common and worked well and others which did not. We have picked three conventions we will focus on.

  • Articles: This is what makes a content page. You expect to find this. These are mainly listed to a side of the contents page opposite the main image. These give titles of what to expect in the magazine. There are also page numbers in order for the reader to access what they want quickly.
  • Section headings: makes different elements in the magazine stand out. These headings help organised the magazine. It also helps the reader find what they are looking for quickly as headings put articles in categories.
  • Editorial:

secondary Research

Research summary