Nelson Mandela

By:Shiyah Waller

Nelson's Life

Nelson Mandela was a big change maker.He was born July 18 1918 with the name Rolihlahla Mandela .He was later given the name Nelson because it was a custom to give the students Christian names.He overcame a lot in his life including being expelled a couple of times failing and dropping out of school.He had been on trial a couple of times one was called the Treason Trial .It only ended when the last 28 were accused including Mandela were acquitted March 29 1961.On January 11 1962 he used a secret name and left the country he return in July he was caught on Aug. 5th. He was facing the death penalty when he made his famous "Speech from the Dock"quote on April 20 1964 .On June 11 1964 Him and a few others were sentenced to life on prison.He was freed February 11 1990 he had rejected 3 offers of release. In 1993 he earned the Nobel Peace Prize on April 27 1994 he voted in the first time in his life.on May 10 1994 he was elected the President of South Africa.He stepped down in 1990 and worked on his foundation he had established in 1995.He died in his home in Johannesburg on Dec.5 2013.
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His Change

He has changed our world in so may ways.He has changed the world with his way with words that is so powerful.He changes the world by knowing about his life story it makes you feel like you can overcome any obstacle in life.He went from being a school dropout to a President of a country while making important speeches and serving time on the way.There is not a lot of people or possibly nobody who has done such a strong thing and had to go through so many hardships and still come out at the end so strong .