physical & chemical changes

By: Dylan Turner

Physical properties

Any caracteristics of a meaterial that can be measured without changing the identitiy of the meaterial.

EX: 1. color and shape

EX: 2. length and mass

EX: 3. volume and density


Physical Changes

The physical properties of a substance change but identitiy of the substance does on change

Ex: 1. changing from one state of matter to the next

EX: 2. melting 0 degres c and boiling point 100 degres c


Chemical Properties

Any Characteristics that gives a substance the ability to undergo that results in a new substance

EX: 1. flammability 2. react with oxygen 3. react with light 4. react with water

Chemical Change

A change in the identity of a substance due to the chemical properties of that substance (you have a new substance) (it is not reversible) Ex:1. flammability 2.react with oxygen 3. heat and light 4. electricity