Roman Justice

All people who were free and obedient could've been a citizen of Rome.

The rights of becoming a citizen were:

•Being able to vote

•Holding an offical office of civil and government

•Owning property and the ability of writing contracts

•Going to court in which judges made court decisions from trivals and evidence to prove people guilty or innocent.

The laws were mostly important in marriage, the belongings of a dead family member, and contacts between people.

Laws were given to every citizen that connects to their life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

Not everyone had the same...

All males who were citizens were able to do all rights though women were only to do a short amount of rights but not owning a position in civil and government as well as voting.

Slaves was a different story since they had a small chance of freedom and becoming a freedman with no rights at all. Freedmen were formal slaves with very limited rights.


The punishemnts of breaking Roman laws were:

•Fines(paying money)


•Leaving Rome

•Slavery, in which had to work hard and led to beatings

•Execution if one had atempted to overthrow their government

Another type of punishment is called Patricide, which is the act of killing your own father though it will lead to being drowned in a river.