Diary of a Wimpy Kid

By:Jeff Kinney

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Published : November 11, 2011

Publisher : Amulet Books

ISBN : 9780143306641

Genre : Fiction, Comedy , and Humor

Grade 5& up


Kids Choice Award For Favorite Book

Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children's Book Award


Cabin Fever

Review 1

It's November, and Greg is already worried about making Santa's naughty list. To get info directly back to St. Nick, Greg's mom enlists the help of an elf doll that she calls Santa's Scout. That doesn't stop the mischievous misadventures, though, as Greg ices over someone's driveway thinking a hose would be faster than shoveling to make money to feed and clothe his online pet, pretends to use his mom's exercise game (but just sits and presses the buttons instead), and accidentally defaces school property with posters that stain the walls and there's no way he's owning up to that. But when a blizzard strands Dad comfortably at a hotel and the rest of the family is stuck with limited food and no electricity, that's when the Christmas holidays really get interesting.

Review 2

Greg Heffley decides to keep a journal, not only because his mother wants him to, but also because he wants something he can give to people who ask him questions once he is rich and famous. In handwritten type and through the use of cartoon illustrations, Greg details his day-to-day life as a middle school student and gives his opinion on bullying, why girls like boys, where to sit on the first day of class, how to draw cartoons and numerous other topics, such as the cheese touch.

The cheese touch is a middle school ailment similar to cooties that comes from touching an old piece of cheese that rests beneath the basketball hoop on his school's playground. If you touch it, you have the cheese touch until you touch someone else. Then they have it.

At home, Greg is a middle child. Greg's older brother, Rodrick, plays practical jokes on him; Greg thinks his younger brother, Manny, is spoiled. He believes that his parents don't understand him. They do unforgivable things, such as telling him to stop playing video games and go outside. When that happens, Greg goes to someone else's house and plays video games.

Greg's best friend is Rowley. They became friends because Greg felt sorry for Rowley. All the mean things that Rodrick does to Greg, Greg does to Rowley, along with a few ideas of his own. One day, Greg goes too far and lets Rowley take the blame for chasing kindergartners all the way home, instead of walking them home, as a Safety Patrol person should. As a result, Rowley stops hanging out with him. Greg does not understand why. But later, when his classmates ask how the cheese under the basketball hoop disappeared and Greg knows that a group of older bullies made Rowley eat it, he tells his classmates that he (Greg) threw the cheese away. Although his class now flees his cheese touch, he and Rowley resume hanging out together.

Additional Analysis

  • Here it shows Greg and Rowley putting up posters trying to get students to come to their holiday bazaar and raise money to get things they want.
  • The cause was that they put up the posters to make money and the effect was Greg staying after school and washing the posters off the wall.

Personal Review

I think Diary of a Wimpy kid Cabin Fever is a overwhelming and funny book especially all those times Greg and Rowley got in trouble for putting posters on the wall and trying to raise money illegally. It's so funny because I can relate to that because my brother tried to raise a fundraiser for a new phone. I never read a book I can relate it kind of brings out of my shell and makes me think " oh wow this sounds like something i'll do."

I started reading diary of a wimpy kid in like the 4th grade. Then I knew that this book would be right for so I've been getting all the knew books and trying to see what good ideas will Jeff Kinney think of next.

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