Become a Criminal Psychologist

by Columbus dong

Job Tasks

  • Assist in the arrest of criminals by thinking and reasoning the possible mindset of the criminal
  • Analyze data to determine or narrow down criminal suspects
  • Help question the witness or victims during court about what happened at the scene
  • and many more....


  • At least a bachelor's degree in psychology is needed for entry level work, higher levels require a mater's degree in psychology
  • Highly trained in legal issues, laws, and must know human behavior extremely well
  • Must be able to detect and recognize patterns of behavior
  • Strong research skills, being able to research prior cases, analyze evidence, and be able to interview people
  • Communication skills are a must, as well as listening actively and emphatically
  • Organized


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average yearly wage in 2014 for a criminal psychologist was around $89,810. Most salaries can range from $38,000 to over $97,000. This depends primarily on the experience of the criminal psychologist and the city that they work in, because criminal psychologists are more likely to make more in bigger cities than smaller rural towns.