Weekly News

May 4-8

Our Field Trip is Today

Please bring

  • sack lunch
  • snacks-2 (one for school and one for trip)
  • sweatshirt
  • close-toed shoes


  • $2 max for snack bar (everything is $1)
  • hat

It is a good idea to apply sunscreen, too. Though it has been warm, it can be chilly and windy on the water.

We leave ECC at 11:30. The boat is out on the bay from 1:00-5:00. We should be back to ECC around 5:30.

Thank you parent volunteers for driving. :)

Hands-on Learning, Microscopes, Exploration...Fun! Fun! Fun!

Art with Mrs. Ianniciello and Mrs. Kong

Math: Statistic and Probability

We continue with our unit. This week we focus on Mean Absolute Deviation.

Authors' Reception

Students select one piece of writing from the year and revise it to their liking. Then, they create artwork to accompany it. Some students will recite famous poems.

Please mark your calendar for Thursday, May 21. We will present our Authors' Reception at 1:00 in the auditorium.

Social Studies

Chapter 6 tests went home last week.

Students begin Chapter 7 titled, "Changes for the Jewish People."

Objective: Analyze the religious, economic, and social structures of the ancient Hebrews.

Book Trailer Project

Book trailers are due on Friday, May 8.
I Am David - Anne Holm book trailer


Our Roots Competition is this Friday.
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Practice Testing Format and Content


1. Click on link

2. Student Interface

3. Login as guest

4. Select a practice test

We will familiarize ourselves with the format in class. If you'd like extra practice, this is a great way to go!

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Volunteer Breakfast

Thank you for your time, energy, and support!

Please join us on May 22 at the lunch area for breakfast. 7:30-8:00.

Happy Mother's Day!

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I love how my mom always makes sure I have what I need. She loves to take care of me and that makes her amazing. She works very hard and provides food for my sister and me. She wants me to always do the best that I can, and she pushes me to make sure that I do. I love my mom. ~ Colin

I love how my mom is so sweet and nice she also listens to my problems and gives me advice. I also love how she drops everything at any time to give me what I want.

~ Julian

I love my mom how she does my clothes and makes me food everyday.

I love my mom how she cares about me SO much and is there whenever I need her. I love my mom how she always and will never stop loving me. I love my mom how she always gives to us and she never puts her self first. ~ Tanner

I love my mom because she is nice, funny, caring, and loving. She is nice because she is sometimes willing to help me with homework. But mostly she always helps me. She is funny because she likes to tell jokes and laugh and the one reason I think she is funny because she tackles my older brother a lot. And I can tell you something; she does not like being tickled. My mom is caring because she makes dinner every night. She is loving because that’s the way my mom is. This is why I love my mom.❤ ~ Haley

I love how my mom greets me everyday when I get home from school with a big smile and listening ears. ~ Murray

I love how my mom is so passionate. She always knows I can do it and that I can do better. She always supports me no matter what. She's always been there for me even if there's been a bump in the way. I love how my mom is caring and always comforts me. :)) ~ Carter

I love how my mom cooks. More than many times she makes delicious meals that I wish I could have every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I love how my mom makes special moments special. Recently, I moved up to the next level of piano, and I gladly received a sundae.

I love how my mom gives me unconditional love. At every moment when I am at my house, I feel like someone is there to protect me and help me along the way to adulthood. ~ Sarah

I love how my mom makes scrumptious food every night, well almost every night. She also deals with my bro and me everyday. I look up to her as a role model. ~ Finola

I love how my mom keeps a roof over my headed and feeds me everyday. ~ Kylee

love my mom because she takes care of me and my brother and sister. She is very strong and very nice and she will do anything for her family. The only time she gets mad at us when she is trying to protect us. I know my mom loves me because I'm her child. ~ Trent

I love how my mom is loves, supports, and treats me nicely. ~ Jake

I love my mom because she does many things for me. She respects personal space and has a long temper. I love her because she "shuttles" me around everywhere and gives me lots of treats. That is why I love my mom. ~ Alex

I love my mom because she feeds my and keeps me alive. ~ Amani

I love how my mom because, takes me to my practices, helps me with mostly everything, makes good meals. ~ Keffer

I love how my mom supports me and looks after me. ~ Justin

I love how my mom gives me hugs and life advice. ~ Kennedy

~ Morris

I love how my mom always schleps my siblings and me around to sports, school, and many more other places around town. ~ Ally

I love how my mom spent time off work to go to my basketball game. ~ Antonia

I love how my mom keeps me alive

(She feeds me and keeps me alive)

I love how my mom always knows what to do when something goes wrong

(She always know how to fix a problem)

I love how my mom know me better than I do

(She know what I like to eat better than me, she knows how to explain what I'm saying when no one understand what I'm trying to say.) ~ Audrey

I love how my mom is always kind and caring to everyone. ~ Carson

I love my mom because she's caring. She's always there for me. If I need something she's my 24-hour assistance. She makes amazing pancakes in the morning that I devour in like twenty seconds. She is very athletic she plays baseball and basketball with me in the front yard. She makes the best dinner. I couldn't live without my mom. ~ Brock

I love how my mom is always there for me when I need her, even though she works all day. I love how my mom makes me laugh with our inside jokes, that nobody knows, or gets. Lastly, I love how my mom loves me and always will. ~ Jack

Coming Up

May 4 Floating Lab

May 10 Mother's Day

May 15 Carnival

May 18-22 CAASPP Testing

May 21 Authors' Reception (1 pm Auditorium)

May 22 Volunteers' Breakfast (7:30-8:00 Lunch Area)

May 28 Open House

June 16 Class Party

June 17 San Diego Country Fair (drivers needed)

June 18 Boomers (drivers needed)

June 19 Promotion and Report Cards

Have an awesome week!

~ Mrs. Jones