Tuesday Tech Tidbit--11/17/15

A quick look at great technology to make your life easier


Padlet is an interactive online bulletin board where students can brainstorm and contribute to classroom conversation while sitting at their computer.
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Step by Step Directions on how to set up a Padlet board

  1. Log in/create an account
  2. Click on New Padlet
  3. Click on the Gear icon on the right to change your background and design the padlet board exactly how you would like
  4. Double click anywhere on the padlet board to begin typing
  5. To share the padlet board with your students, click on the Gear and click Address. This will give you the URL to share with students
  6. To share the padlet using a QR Code, click on the Share icon on the right and scroll to the bottom to get access to the QR code
  7. Have students start sharing with each other

Ways to use Padlet in the classroom

Questions? Need help?

Stop by the library or email me with questions. If you are totally lost, I would be happy to help you get started.