History of Beads

By: Ella Patterson

Anciet Form

Beads have been made out of glass for over 5,000 years. The discovery of fire was the absolute step in glass bead making. A method known as "core-forming" was when they used a metal mandrel with pieces of glass held over a flame. Gradually as the glass softened, they would wrap it around the mandrel forming intricate beads.

These early beads, or vessels were considered valuable. Even today, we make beads by holding glass rods over a flame then gently winding the molten glass over the mandrels. Beadmaking is truly an ancient artform.

Woman from Africa make beads out of paper. They are made in Uganda. They buy magizines and calenders, then, they cut them in long, thin triangles. Next, they put glue on the triangle, and roll it onto a toothpick or needle. The beads are then formed into a beautiful piece of jewelery. People make these beads because they last longer than plastic or glass beads. Instead of wasting magizines, newspapers, calenders, and more things made of paper, try paper beads!
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