Ice Ball Mold

Recipe for the Perfectly Clear Ice Ball

Making clear ice sounds easy. Water is clear, right? Well, unfortunately, as water freezes, air and other particles from water, tend to leave a cloudy portion in the ice. Making perfectly clear ice is a little more complicated, as ice must be frozen from the bottom to the top. Here is a recipe for making perfectly clear ice balls.


· *A set of Ice Ball Molds by Cuzzina

· *A length of bendable wire

· *A cooler, or container, full of water


1. * Create a loop in the center of the wire, large enough to hold an ice ball mold.

2. * Fasten the wire to each end of the cooler/container.

3. * Submerge the silicone mold in the water, taking care to keep the hole towards the bottom of the container. Fill the ice mold with water.

4. *Lift the ice ball mold to the surface of the water, slowly. Make sure that the hole stays facing down, and in contact with the water.

5. *Place mold in wire loop, keeping loop and ice ball hole in the water.

6. *Carefully, place entire cooler/container into the freezer.

7. *After a few hours, take cooler/container out of the freezer and let the ice ball mold sit for a few minutes before peeling the silicone mold off the ice ball.

This should provide you with a perfectly clear ice ball.

It is very important to keep the hole at the top of the ice ball mold in the water. This way all the water from the ice ball mold, stays in the mold, and will not leak out. In order to make more than one clear ice ball, simply add more loops in your wire, and more ice ball molds.

Ice Ball Molds by Cuzzina provide the best molds for making perfectly clear ice balls. These molds are made from premium quality, FDA Approved, 100% Food Grade Silicone which are also BPA free . At 2 ½ inches in diameter, these molds also make large, impressive ice balls. The large size means that they melt more slowly, than traditional ice cubes. Ice balls, created with Cuzzina’s Ice Ball Molds, help to keep drinks colder, longer.