Libyan revoulution

What if?


the Libyans have been unhappy for awhile, now with their dictator Omar Qaddafi, i think his name was, is gone they are having problems with their country still.

the country will have to solve the problems with their government and military


the revolutionaries would go across the whole country and that said most of the country is upset with the economy and unemployment rates. the leaders of the last revolution will probably be part of this one and would be communicating with the masses of revolutionaries.


Life would probably change through violent means as in the last one was indeed very violent because there were rebels that were fighting the military and it basically turned into a civil war

It will most likely involve military support because it affects the Libyan military just as much as the civilians

the action that will be undertaken would maybe involve rioting, fights breaking out, some military action, and definitely the government rearranging


Libya's post-revolution legal system is in flux and driven by state and non-state entities