Welcome to Buxton!

Watch out for the slave catchers!

By: Matthew Rondinella

Welcome to the Slave Settlement Known as Buxton!

Welcome to our settlement! Here you will find a settlement that is populated by slaves that are free or slaves that were born free. In 1812, Reverend William King was born in Ireland. Later in 1849, he founded Buxton. This settlement is the only successful all-black settlement in Canada West, according to modern historians.

How to Survive in School

To be on Your Teacher's Good Side, Remember to...

1. Listen to the teacher

2. No calling out

3. Keep a low profile

4. Do what you’re told to

5. Be smart and get good grades

Keep up With the Latest News!

The top Topics for Conversation in Buxton are...

1. Freedom from slavery

2. Elijah throwing up on Charles Douglass

3. The Preacher stealing Mr. Leroy’s money

4. School

5. Hoop Snakes (with the Preacher before he died)

Talk Just Like Them

Some Common Differences in Speech in Buxton are...

1. Twixt = Between

2. Waren’t = Weren’t

3. ’Round = Around

4. ’Cause = Because

5. ’Peared = Appeared

6. ’Nother = Another

7. ’Bout = About

Come Have Some fun in Buxton!

Some Jobs and Hobbies in Buxton Are...

1. Stone chucking

2. Wood cutter

3. Baker

4. Field hockey

Be Respectful to Your Elders

Some Important People to Look Out For Are...

1. Mr. Frederick Douglass - Used to be a slave

2. Mr. John Brown - People say that there aren't many white men that were better than him

3. Elijah - First person born free in Buxton

4. The Preacher - A strange person who does suspicious things and stole Mr. Leroy’s money (dead).

5. Mr. Leroy - He is always found cutting wood, and he was the victim of the Preacher’s robbery (dead).

History of Buxton

Some Major Events in Buxton's History Are...

1849 - Reverend William King founds Buxton.

1853 - A total of 130 families settled in Buxton, and there was a total of 520 settlers.

1855 - Considerable amounts of tobacco were farmed, and a sawmill and market were completed on July 4th, 1855.

1859 - The pearl ash factory was burned down, destroying a source of income to the community.

Everything You Need to Know About Buxton

Buxton Museum Tour (American Slave Haven)