Transportation to a new start


Uses of railroads dates back all the way to the mid-1820s. Railroads were one of the biggest modes of transporting people and goods. Over times the railroad had up's and down's when people used it and then people would stray from it to automobiles and airplanes. The railroads got people from one place to another. It was a big role in people traveling to places in the west and places like Bismarck


Some advantages of the railroad is that it would be an easier mode of transportation and safer too. It offered more jobs. the capacity was large.


Some disadvantages is that if you were going a long way it would take long but not as long as some of the other modes of transportation. Not really meant for short distance


the railroad was first invented in britain and the idea came over to the United States. A man named George Stevenson brung the idea. We purchased the first engine from him.


The impact on North Dakota is that it opened us up to more boomtowns and more people wanted to come to our land and live here. Another impact was that we had some fertile farmland


The importance of the railroad is that without it we would be taking forever with our transportation. The railroad made it faster for us so we could travel places faster