Figure Skating

By: Grace Cutshall


To be a figure skater, you have to be skilled and precise. You have to be flexible to do the amazing spins and jumps. You have to practice, practice, practice! But after years and years of practicing and getting better, you maybe could be as good as Michelle Kwan! But first, you have to know how it's done, the equipment and their uses, the science of figure skating and much more. But, luckily for you, this page will teach you those first three things. Read on to learn all about those three things.

How It's Done

Spins and Jumps
There are a lot of spins and jumps in figure skating, such as the triple lutz, the triple toe loop, and the triple flip. Here are some more spins and jumps, along with some combinations.
  • triple axel
  • triple salchow
  • triple loop
  • triple lutz + triple toeloop
and much more.

Q: What are the scores for?

A: The scores are for skating skills, (skating skills means how good you are) transitioning, which means going from one thing to the next, performance, which is also said as how good the show was, execution, which in figure skating means doing something well, choreography, (choreography means the dance) and interpretation, which means how you understand it. So if you fell down a lot of times, then you might get a really low score.

Equipment and Uses

History of Boots

Ice skating boots were first made out of animal bones. The bones were tied to shoes with leather straps. Sometimes, there were nails in the blade, with the leather on top, to stick to the shoe so it wouldn't fall off.

Equipment & Uses

Boots- Footwear, so that your feet won't be cold.

Toe Picks- for pushing off for jumps and pivot point during spins.

The Science of Figure Skating

One of Newton's laws is that an object in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted on by a force.This is called inertia. Inertia is why ice skaters keep on going until they use force to stop. The friction on the ice is what helps ice skaters start and stop the motion.


Now you know about how figure skating is done, the equipment, the equipment's uses and the science of the sport. Now go and try figure skating!