Sofia's Science Open House Smore

Welcome to Open House!

Earthquake PBL

For the Earthquake PBL project, we were put into groups of four to five and had to create a house for Tony Stark that would withstand an earthquake. We used materials such as popsicle sticks, clay, toothpicks, and straws to build our house. After we built our house, we created a wiki page explaining and showing information about it ( where we would build it, our blueprint, etc. )

Atmosphere 30 Hands Project

For the Atmosphere 30 Hands project, we had to research then create 9 pic collage slides about the Atmosphere and the impact humans have. Some topics include the greenhouse effect, global warming, climate change, etc. To prevent this, we can do many things such as the three R's. Down below, is my actual 30 Hands project.

Invention Convention

For the Invention Convention, we had to create an invention or innovation that would solve a problem. Our project had to include one of the three R's and an energy source. My group and I decided to make a windmill that would power your whole house. It would use solar energy and wind.

Favorite Unit and Project

My favorite unit this year in Science was the Plate Tectonics unit. I really enjoyed this unit because, I liked learning about the layers of the Earth and how it works. This unit taught me a little bit more than it did the other units. My favorite project this year would probabally have to be the Invention Convention. It was my favorite project because we got to make our own little invention/innovation. Plus, we got to make it out of trash!