Fabulous Fourth Grade

Weekly Update (January 16, 2015)

Wild Readers!

Wow, these kids are readers! Many kids have taken their reading "to the next level" and are reading "chunks" of their books each night. They are challenging each other, asking me to mark pages to challenge them, and love getting lost in their books. I can tell by their vocabulary, their scores, and their higher level thinking skills. Way to go, parents, for encouraging reading at home! If this is a good reminder for you, make sure you encourage your child to find a quiet place in the house and spend at least 30 minutes a day reading.

Reading and Your Brain - Check out the SHORT video below !

Reading and brain | Reading tips

Books are ALWAYS welcome!

If you ever have children's books and don't know how to get rid of them, I will gladly take them off your hands. I will share with other teachers if I don't need them, so keep that in mind as you do any winter or spring-cleaning. :)

What time is it? FRACTION time!

Well, the kids ROCKED division, I must say! The next topic we start on Tuesday?


Any extra chatting about fractions at home always helps. Also, it does not need to be in the shape of a pie! You can always fold a piece of paper in half, fourths, eighths, etc.

We will work on equivalent fractions (1/4 = 2/8), we will compare them, and will order them.

If you bake or cook, show the kids the measurements and how they are fractions.

Remember that fractions are simply parts of a whole. For 1/3, it takes 3 parts to make that one whole. The numerator is 1 and the denominator is 3 .

Dates to Remember:

January 19 No School

January 20 PTC Meeting- 6p.m.

January 23 Movie Night-6p.m.

January 28 Modified Day-Dismissal at 11:50a.m.


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