Weapons and Armor of 1095-1291

Weapons Used In The Crusades

The Crusades took place during the years of 1095-1291 around the western and southern part parts of Europe. There were several different types of weapons used by the Crusaders. The three most popular of the different types of weapons were Long Swords, Maces, and Arrows.

Armor Used In The Crusades

An average Crusader wore a helmet to protect their head from arrows and swings from a sword. They were known as Great Helms or Pot Helms. They were a simple cylinder shape with a flat top and small slits in the front for the eyes and mouth. They also wore surcoats to help insulate their body from all of the heavy armor that they were wearing. Every average Crusader also wore chainmail. Chainmail is made up of small metal rings linked together which in turn form a mesh. This was worn to help stop the penetration and slashing of edged weapons.