Hero or Zero

Jackson is a zero

Trail of Tears

Jackson was a zero in the trail of tears because he kicked out the Indians and send them to Oklahoma. On the way to Oklahoma a bunch of the Indians got sick and also die on the way to Oklahoma. Jackson send the Indians to Oklahoma because white men had found gold on there land and Jackson wanted the gold so he kicked the Indians out!!! This was also know as the Indian removal act.

Closing National Banks

Jackson closed national banks because he thought they only help the rich and not the poor people. Jackson also had the support of the congress but lost it when he sent the money to different parts of the US. Jackson had had a hard time sending the money to different parts of the US because his people would not do he had to go through three people before someone would do it

Spoils System

Jackson gave jobs to supporters of him government job with maybe know nothing about how to do the job right. There were lots of other people who know how the job was to be and what to do .

Indian Removal Act 1830 Andrew Jackson


The cartoon show the Indian and the trail of tears when Jackson force all Indians off the land that they were on and to move Oklahoma