AP Biology Newsletter

What's going on in AP Biology?

Unit 4: Cell Division

We had a great finish to the first nine weeks! The kids are working hard, and I am so proud of them for the effort they are putting in! AP Biology is a challenging class, and they are rising to the occasion.

In Unit 4, we will be learning about DNA, different kids of cell division, and genetics, including genetic disorders.

The test over this Unit will take place on Wednesday, November 4th and Thursday, November 5th!

DNA Extraction from Cheek Cells!

In this lab, students used water, salt, dish soap and ethanol to extract DNA from their own cheek cells!

2nd Nine Weeks Extra Credit Opportunity

The extra credit opportunity for this nine weeks is to purchase an AP Biology Exam Review Guide. There are many options to choose from - the only requirement is that it be for the 2013 exam or newer (so that the curriculum matches!). This will be due no later than the day before midterm exams start.

Coming up next... Biotechnology!