Math Training

Using manipulatives, games, and singapore strategies

Differentiation in High School Math classes

RCA would like to provide a training for high school math teachers which will provide them with unique strategies and hands-on activities which will increase understanding and transfer for students in Algebra and Geometry. This training is for general education math teachers of 9-12th grade students.

Let's Get Radical!

Monday, April 20th, 8am

116 Riverside Lane

Fayetteville, TN

This training is still in the planning stages. As with any small, private school, funds are limited. We need 10 other teachers to agree to come to the training in order for us to schedule and finance the training. The cost would be approximately $200 per teacher for one day of training.

Singapore Math Training

In order to deepen our students understanding of mathematics, we also plan to hold a Singapore math training which stresses number sense and model drawing. Additionally, our presenter will provide ways for teachers to have students extend their thinking to a new level of complexity. If you are interested in this training, please respond. The cost of this training will be approximately $150 for one day of training.