Thomas Jefferson

By Urmi Popuri

Birth Date

April 13 1743

Death Date

July 4 1826
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When or how he became president

Jefferson succeeded to be president in 1809 by his friend James Madison

5 Facts

Thomas died on the Fourth of July

Thomas is one of the founding fathers

Thomas is on a nickel

Thomas helped make the money system

Thomas is on a 2 dollar bill

5 Opinions

Thomas is a great person because he inspired people during the revaluational war to continue to fight for their freedom.

Thomas is helpful because he helped with the money system .

Thomas is nice because he cared about peaple.

Thomas deserves to be on a hundred dollar bill because he made peaple brave and strong.

Thomas is a generous because he gave his time to the country and became one of the one of the founding fathers.


Thomas Jefferson

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