Komodo Dragons

By: Jeremy Poirier

Table of Content

Chapter 1: All Kinds Of Komodo Dragons

Chapter 2: Lizard Species

Chapter 3: The Appearance

Chapter 4: The Komodo Habitat

Chapter 5: Conclusion


Do you think there's such thing as a dragon? Well there is the Komodo Dragon is a dragon but they do not breath fire. Do you want to learn about them?
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Chapter 1: All Kind of Komodo Dragons

Did you know Komodo dragons are the largest lizards? All Komodo Dragons live on an island called Indonesia. Young komodo dragons live in trees . They weigh 100 pounds. My mom said, " I do not weigh as much as a komodo dragon. " The species name is the Varanidae family.

Chapter 2: Lizard Species

There's 3500 lizard species. My Mom said, ''There's more people.'' Most lizards are 3 feet tall. But not the Komodo Dragon it's 6 feet tall. That's as tall as 2 dogs stacked up. Other big lizard live in the Varanidae family

Chapter 3: The Appearance

The Komodo Dragon have gray and brown scales. Also they have a forked tongue. The komodo dragon is 6 feet tall. Cam Neely is 6'2" just to give you an example. Their claws however, are 2 to 3 inches long. My mom said, ''If you do not cut your nails, they will be as long as a Komodo Dragons.''

Chapter 4: The Komodo Habitat

Komodo Dragons live on many little islands. The island is located in the Pacific ocean and Indian ocean. The island has a lot of habitats. My Dad said,''We have a lot of habitats too.'' Their habitats are forests,dry grasslands,and coasts. Komodo Dragons live on an komodo island called Indonesia. Indonesia is part of the Asia (Caption: The picture to the right is a Komodo Dragon on a tree.)

Chapter 5: 5 Fun Facts

1. They can smell with there tongue

2. Komodo Dragons eat every piece of it's prey

3. There prey is goat, rodents, wild pigs, and deer

4. A Komodo Dragons mouth is full of deadly bacteria after they eat

5. Komodo Dragons have attacked people


Komodo Dragons ROCK! Are you going to right your own story about Komodo Dragons? If you want to learn more, go on websites and other books Komodo Dragons are interesting. I love them you should too.