Put Down The Map And Discover New Things

You Never Know What You Will Find

I thought I would share on some of the wonderful things we have discovered when we have not cared about following instructions or a map when we have been traveling trying to find out how to get to a destination. The things we would have missed out on had we just followed the satellite navigation or our road map. These things sometimes do not take us in the direction that we would really like to go anyway.

Don't Rush - There Is Always Enough Time

One non-important thing about getting lost is 'time'. There is no time when 'getting lost' or there shouldn't be!!

It is crucial that you enjoy getting lost so that you can take in the ambiance and the nature around you. I remember when Rick and I where in China, by the way, Rick has been there 5 times and I have been twice - love China also, but 'getting lost' was what we did best there. It wasn't hard to get lost in China - so easy, but hey, you have to enjoy this as it will allow you to take in the cultures, the people and the surroundings. Very important that 'you go with the flow'. If you do this, you will be less stressed. Now you can get stressed, yes you can, but what's the point? It will make you feel tense, cranky and you will not enjoy your journey.

On another trip I remember when we arrived in Hong Kong with our backpacks on many years ago at midnight looking for the person that was going to meet us there. It was festival weekend - it seems like millions of people in the streets and it was midnight! We couldn't find the person who was meeting us there, so we continued walking the streets till 2.30am in the morning looking for a place to lay our heads down - we were feeling by this stage that we would have slept anywhere just to rest our weary bones, buy hey - 'go with the flow' - you will survive much better for it! By the way, we did eventually find the person that was suppose to meet us in a massive crowd that felt like millions of people!

On our recent trip to Thailand, Rick and I always endeavored to 'get lost' - that's what we do best!! By 'getting lost', we have found some amazing places that we would have never found had we continued on our structured journey.

Our life back home is generally always structured and sometimes I think that it feels so good to get out from under that and feel free to 'get lost'..no one breathing down your neck saying: 'This is wrong' or 'Your doing this the wrong way' or 'You need to be hear at that time', just running from a diary can been so structured that you forget to enjoy 'life'.

We also make it a habit of ours to 'get lost' in our own surroundings as well, maybe on the weekends or some times during the week. A little more difficult if you have lived in an area for so long, but it's just the little things - a new cafe, a running creek that you have never seen before, a rainforest walk that you may not have discovered as yet - just little things like this can refresh the soul.

It's always a wonderful thing is you have a husband or wife to share this with. This can bring you both even closer than you had ever imagined. There has been times when I have read a road map out to Rick while he is driving (and girls I know you will understand - woman are not good map readers - I think we read up side down!!) this has coursed many heated arguments between us especially when he has been in traffic and we are generally not in a place that we know and it has happened when we have had to be structured to be at a particular place at a particular time. It's not a nice feeling, therefore this is why we have come to the place of 'getting lost' and enjoying it when we can.

Life is just way too short and goes way too fast these days - so why not make it a habit in your life of 'getting lost'...

We would classify ourselves as 'experts in getting lost' now - it's what we love to do whenever we go most places so that we can discover new places on our adventures and it also brings a lot of fun and laughter and because we love photography, we have many opportunities of taking some amazing photos to share with you also.

There are so many other stories I could share with you about our 'getting lost adventures' and maybe one day I will share more.

Make It One Of Your Next Adventures

What have you go to loose?
We even discovered new flavours in a Swedish ice creamery getting lost in one of Thailand's biggest shopping malls - easy to do and the ice cream was delicious!!
See, it's just the little things that count....have fun!
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