Purpose of undefeated?

The purpose of the Undefeated documentary

The purpose of this documentary is to show how to use character and get over obstacles even when the odds are stacked against you.

Defining the Purpose

The boys in the documentary where struggling with attitude problems, they didn't really know how to control their anger during moments that tested them. The documentary displayed their struggles with performing well in the classroom and on the field. The most important thing that captured the purpose is showing the poverty their has and how they deal with it.

Achieving the purpose

The documentary did a good job in portraying this purpose by getting in depth some of the players on the team. The team was characterized as weak and if you're beating them by a lot they don't have the discipline or confidence to comeback from it. Showing some of the players struggling with academics puts in prospective one of the struggles their going through, because some of the players were good enough to go to play college football. The most important thing is how they portrayed the town they live in and the poverty they have and not letting the town you live in or what you're going through characterize you.
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