Taylor brown 7th period

about Indonesia!

Indonesia is a great country, is the largest country in Southeast Asia! Indonesia is an archipelago of more than 13,600 island.Major island in Indonesia are Sumarta,Java, and Celebes. Indonesia controls the western half of New Guinea.Indoneisa also shares two large island with other countries.The volcanoes that formed indonesia have left a rich covering of ash that makes the soil good for farming.Since Indonesia lies on the equater it climate is tropical. Monsoons bring wet season and dry season.Indonesia is a great and beautiful country and has so much to experience you should come visit for your self!!!

Slogan: "Where your adventures start here"


Because Indonesia lies on the equater the climate is tropical.The monsoons bring a wet and dry season.Indonesia larger islands (Sumatra and Java for example) have large interior mountains.Earthquakes are common in Indonesia cause of where it is located.

people/ and culture

Indonesia has about 206 million people the fourth largest population in the world.Most of Indonesia people belong to Mayla ethnic group.The offical languages are Bahasa Indonesia, taught in school.Indonesia has more Islam followers than any other country. Other religion,such as christianty and buddhism, are also practiced. They are divided into about 300 smaller groups with there own language.

On the beautiful island of bali,hindu beliefs are held by most of the people.Maylays from mainland southeast Asia settled the islands that are now called to Indonesia.In the a.d 1100s, traders from Southwest Asia brought Islam to the region.Europeans brought Christianity to the islands.Independence finally came to Indonesia in 1949.

Indonesia accepted the results of this election,some people in East Timor have not.Indonesia democratic leaders find it difficult to form a government that is strong enough to deal with the challenges facing the country.With so many different ethnic group, many small political parties arise.


Indonesia is a republic with an elected legislature and president.The people get to vote on all the politishons. In Indonesia you havw to be 17 and have to have an ID card.Indonesia has equal rights no one is treated differntly.  Indonesia all citizens,must undertake,nine years of complosory education which constist of six years at the elementary level and three in secondary level.   Indonesia legal system based on roman dutch law,custom and islamic law.Most of the archipelago was under dutch rule by starts od 20th century.


Indonesia has mixed economy, governement and private sector have roles each.At a rescent Asia summit the president of Indoneisa said they will be a top 10 econmy in the world in the next in the 10 years.The economy is 46% industry (factories) 37% services (hotles ,resturants,stores and ect...) 16.5% agriculture (farming).   Indonesia is in the top 30 in biggest exporting countries in the world. They mainly export to japan,singapore,usa. The major importers to Indonesia are china,singapore,japan. Indonesia most common imports are machinery equipment food stuff,and chemical fuels. Indonesia exports mostly oil,gas.rubber.plywood, and appliances