Golden Glinda November Recognition!

Your Girls Rock !

November is a month of giving thanks and I have to say I am so blessed to have each of you on the team! You all amaze me!! The "never give up spirit" of our team is one to be admired by all! Can I just say we have grown so much and come so far in the last year and best part is we are just getting started! We have just hit the tipping point!! There is no limit on what each of you can achieve in the next few months!!

Now on to some major recognition!

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Top in Sales~

Stellar Seller~ 32% Commission and $100 product Credit

Leslie Staver~ $5,598

Meredith Young~ $5530

Hit $2300 and earned 30% commission

Kristen Wheeler~ $3473

Casey Wettstein~ $3017

Carey Wettstein~ $2830

Courtney Chroeung~ $2563

Dana Lonergan$2367

Sarah Helgeson~ $1549

Haley Price $1346

Christie Windhorst $1154

Aimee Poore $1118

Renee Price $1002

Angie Duntz $924

Lesli Hanson $762

Ginny Rhame $753

Lexy Goyer $742

Nikki Gordon $724

Shelly McCLure $645

Johnna Costello $596

Erika Camacho $523

Look Who Promoted~

I have no doubt this is the first of many promotions for these ladies~

Associate Sytlist~

Carey Wettstein

Casey Wettstein

Lead Stylist~

Christie Windhorst

Renee Price

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Top Tips for the Next 2 Months~

Who's ready to bust the next 3 weeks out and then take a week off for the Christmas break!! ME ME! So I am working on booking 2 more shows before the 18th(last day for guaranteed regular shipping before Christmas)! There is still time to book in tight, people are still shopping for the holidays! I HIGHLY recommend you host your own Holiday Open House/Customer Appreciation show at your home! Invite your entire customer base! I plan to do a day from 10-7, now I know you all can't do that so find a time for you that works, great thing is you are at home so in between the shoppers you can do laundry, wrap presents, still do all those things you would be doing while at home:) This year I am doing a little Christmas tree that I am going cut ornaments out of our boxes and everyone that comes gets to pick an ornament off the tree. Some of the prizes will be 20% off order, free shipping, credit towards my sample sale in January, I will grab a couple of my retired pieces and throw them in as prizes. In the past when my business was smaller I would do drawings for a gift card for everyone that comes, bring a friend be entered for a prize, you could do a mystery hostess show, throw a couple of your retired pieces in as a prize! There are lots of ideas you can do! BUT you should host your own holiday open house:)

Then December 30th though January 7th is Dot Dollar redemption, you will want to email, call, text everyone that has earned Dot Dollars to let them know they can redeem them!! I promise you want to get in touch with everyone so you don't have someone call you on the 15th of January asking about me I have learned the hard way:)

Get two debut host shows on the books of January again trust me it will make you feel so much more relaxed going into Christmas! Our new Spring Collection Launches mid January so get those debut shows booked:) Hint Hint there might even be an incentive for booked shows before Christmas:)

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I believe in all of you that any one of you can achieve anything you set you mind too! Please reach out to me if you would like to do a one on one coaching call or to brainstorm ideas on how the end the month strong!! Cheers to an amazing November!!
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