VDI Enhancements Updates

We couldn't do it without you!

Thank you for your continued participation in assisting us with our project to remedy performance issues in VDI. We still need your help!

The updated schedule of events are below:

Stage 1 – April 25th – May 13th.

Current Status - We have half the test group connected and are reaching out to the remaining associates. If you haven't switched yet, it's easy! Just log out, wait 60 seconds, and login to: VDI Testers Needed! see the picture below.

  • Enhanced Graphics Performance for Microsoft Office and Internet Browsing.
  • Your feedback is always valued - please continue to provide us with Outlook and Gemini performance results.

Stage 2 – May 16th - May 20th.

  • Enhanced Chrome Browser Performance.

Stage 3 – May 23rd – May 27th.

  • Upgraded VDI infrastructure to improve responsiveness on your VDI desktop.

REMINDER: Please use the VDI Testers Connection!

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