WBMS September 12th update

West Bloomfield Middle School Updates

C.A.S.A. (Chaldean American Student Association)

The 1st C.A.S.A. (Chaldean American Student Association) meeting of the year will be Wednesday, September 14, right after school until 4 pm in N229. All students are welcome! See Ms. Jabiro for more details or email her at crystal.jabiro@wbsd.org.

2022-23 Dates and Times for Middle School

Fall 2022 Dates for Middle School

This week: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday bus route 22 will be transporting WBMS Robotics students after school to WBHS

Monday, Sept 12th

Make-Up Picture Day is on 9/12 this event date is for those students that did not attend their school's summer registration event and newly registered students.

Retake Picture Day is on 10/26 this year. This event date is for any new students moving into the school district after Sept 12th, and for those that were not satisfied with their previously taken portrait.

If you placed and order online with LifeTouch, your online order will be applied automatically, when your student has his/her portrait taken. There is nothing special required for you to do.

They will match your online order, to your student's portrait when we (LifeTouch) do (does) photograph them.

If you placed an online order with Lifetouch, and your student never gets photographed, please request a "refund" and we will gladly refund you your order.

Friday, September 16th: We have a special day planned for students, and one of our events is going to be featured on Channel 7.

Start and end times: 8:20 am to 3:12pm students will be allowed in the building at 7:45 am.

Dismissal is 3:12 pm. All students should be picked up by 3:30 pm.

District dates to make note of:

Sept 15: Dr Bazzi meet and greet (details below)

Sept 16: Family Fun Night

Sept 22: West Bloomfield Middle School Grand Opening Event and Ribbon Cutting 6:00pm-8:00pm

Sept 28: Dr Bazzi meet and greet (details below)

Parent-Teacher Conferences are VIRTUAL (ZOOM) Dates are November 16th and 18th-details to come soon

Student Council at WBMS

Students interested in being a representative to the student council for the upcoming school year should complete this application. Our WBMS Student Council supports a variety of activities including but not limited to: school dances, fundraisers, school spirit activities, back to school orientation and jump start and giving student voice to some building level decisions. Students will complete the following forms in order to be considered. See below for links to the applications. Please direct questions to Kelsey.Chewins@wbsd.org

School wide dance: October 14th

Time: 6-8pm

This is a drop off event for students only.

Costumes are encouraged (this is our Halloween dance).

No weapons (fake or real) no costume masks and no fake blood please.

Tickets will be on sale for 5$ every day at lunches from Oct 3rd-14th.

Location: The dance (we have a DJ) will be in the gym

Concessions will be in the auditeria and everything will cost 1$

More info to come!

Continued reminders

Please help us support your student by:

1. keeping personal laptops at home (we provide devices in school)

2. only using the drawstring bag for materials****

3. checking your student's lunch account to ensure funds are available

4. download the Power School app on your phone to keep updated with info

What happens when the school string bag no longer works for your student?

****we realize the string back packs will not hold the same amount of materials that a traditional back pack would. Some of the bags have torn and at this time we do not have extras to pass out as we need to save some for new students who continue to register. It is important that students understand they should be using their lockers and not carrying much in the bag. The bags are designed to hold the planner and a handful of paper folders. Students do not need more than these few items. For the health and safety of our kids please help us help the students to manage this change. A string bag replacement from home is fine however, if your student feels the need to carry a larger bag, that bag must be kept in the locker and only used coming to and from school.

Lockers, Lanyards and IDs: an Update

We gave every student a Lanyard, that matches the color of his/her house (Blue, Teal, Yellow) and to keep the ID clipped to

We require that students wear the lanyard and ID around the neck every day. Students do not bring lanyards home, as they are stored in Advisory classes when not being worn.

If a student needs a replacement lanyard for any reason s/he may purchase one for 2$ in the office.

Replacement IDs are 5$ and we should be able to print those in the next week (stay tuned).

Lockers have been a challenge for some students this year. If a student has a locker that is jammed and/or will not open, the student should report that issue to the Advisory teacher so the locker number can be recorded for our repair list. It is important for students to confirm the combination or have an adult try to open the locker with a key before adding the name to the repair list.

District Issued Chromebooks

ALL students should have a district issued device that stays at home daily. If you do not have one please email:

Lisa.Graff@wbsd.org and she will request one for you.

If your district issued device is in need of repair:

The Oakland Schools Service Desk can only assist parents/guardians, not students. On the phone, a parent/guardian can grant verbal approval for their child to work with the Service Desk technician, but they MUST remain present during the entirety of the conversation.

When entering requests through the online portal or email, please be certain to include your full name, your child’s name and district, school building, the device they have been issued and a good phone number to call you back. This information will allow the Service Desk to provide the best possible service in the most efficient manner.

  • If you are in need of a district issued Chromebook, please complete an Oakland Schools Service Desk ticket.
  • District owned hotspots are available for those with no internet in the home due to financial hardship. If you are in need of a district owned hotspot, please submit an Oakland Schools Service Desk ticket. By receiving a district owned hotspot you are agreeing to the following-
    • I certify that my child(ren) does not have any internet access in the home and that the WBSD hotspot will be the sole source of their in-home internet access. I understand that my child(ren) will receive a WBSD hotspot to provide connectivity for learning purposes ONLY. The hotspot is designed to provide students enough data and access to complete school work. I understand that I am held responsible for any damage/loss to the hotspot device and accessories. I understand that I am responsible for the hotspot device if it is not turned in when requested by the district. District hotspots use cellular data service meaning they can be tracked by GPS.

PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies


PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies. Each month we will have a special incentive. This month, from September 7-September 23rd students who don't have any office referrals and five or less tardies will earn the reward of being able to buy a Kona Ice during their lunch recess for $6 (cash only). Tickets for eligible students will be on sale from Sept. 26 - Sept. 30th during lunch. We love catching kids being good!

Kona Ice day is October 3rd

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For students-signing up for I-Center at Recess

Students were emailed this information last Thursday:

Attention West Bloomfield Middle School Students,

Beginning Tuesday, Sept. 6, we are opening up the iCenter as an option for RECESS.

If iCenter is your choice, there are some important facts that you need to know.



1. You MUST pre-register using your @student.wbsd.org email address

2. Pre-registration begins at 4 PM on the day PRIOR to the recess you will attend.

3. 40 spots are available per recess. The registration form will close when 40 spots are filled.

4. Make sure you register for the correct recess. (If you make a mistake, please email me so that I can remove you from the list & make that spot available to another student.)

5. The registration links are included on a Google Document attached to this email. The links are also located on our WBMS iCenter webpage.

More information is available on the registration link page.

Once your registration form is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email.
Please SAVE this email as proof of registration.

We will NOT be administering paper passes at this time. Use the online form to register & then show up at the front entrance of the iCenter on your specified day.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Mrs. Carson

Mrs. Cindy Carson

Digital Literacy Specialist

West Bloomfield Middle School

Twitter: @carsonteach

Counselor Assignments

We have updated the counselor assignments based on last names:

A-GH Peguese contact info: mackenzie.peguese@wbsd.org

GI-N Levitan contact info: steven.levitan@wbsd.org

O-Z Chang contact info: susan.chang@wbsd.org

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NWEA testing--all students Math and Language Arts

ELA: Sept Tuesday, 20th

Math: Wednesday Sept 28

Both tests will be administered in the morning starting at 8:30 am--please make sure your student is ontime for school

Important COVID-19 Updates and Sick Policy

1. It remains District policy that if your child is sick, please report their absence to the safeline number and keep them home until their symptoms have improved. The District's sick policy can be found HERE.

2. Please note there is no longer a COVID-19 Dashboard on our website. WBSD is in frequent contact with and follows the guidance of the Oakland County Health Department. If you would like more information about this guidance, please visit: https://www.oakgov.com/covid.

3. A distinction will no longer be made between potential exposures and “close contacts.” Families will receive a letter if a student is exposed to someone with COVID-19.

4. ALL Covid-19 updates can be found on this page: https://www.wbsd.org/parents/covid-19

Safeline--call for absence and/or tardy

If your student will be ABSENT or LATE to school please call the Safeline at


The line is open 24/7

Absences must be excused within 24 hours of the date

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Order your 2022-23 School Yearbook Today!


Yearbooks are not automatically included in school picture orders like elementary school.

Our yearbook is a hard cover book.

Math Pentathlon

details regarding the season:

  • We will have a Parent Information Zoom Meeting on Tuesday, September 20th at 7pm. We are hoping that many of you can be on the Zoom with us (link coming soon)
  • Division 4 (6th & 7th Grade) will be on Thursdays at WBMS, starting on November 3. Tournament tentatively scheduled for May 13th at Stoney Creek HS in Rochester.
  • We will have optional Saturday practices (one per month), starting in December.

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PTO News

West Bloomfield Middle School PTO Board:

President: Katie Palazzolo: katiepalazzolo@icloud.com

Vice-President: Kristi Law: kristi.law@wbsd.org

Treasurer: Kelly Robrahn: robrahnfam@gmail.com

Secretary: Renai Mayle: renaijzz@yahoo.com

PTO Fundraising Goals:

Our main fundraiser for the school year will be a weekly bagel sale. We will be selling bagels for $2 before school every Friday starting in October. We will be looking for parent volunteers to help with the sales. If sales go well, this will be our ONLY fundraiser of the year!

What we support:

· Community Outreach Programs (Greater West Bloomfield Community Coalition, Family Fun Night, etc.)

· Fun Day (end of the year celebration for the students)

· House Party

· Staff Appreciation Week

PTO Meetings: in person at the middle school

· Wednesday, October 12 at 7pm

· Wednesday, January 11 at 7pm

· Wednesday, March 8 at 7pm

· Wednesday, May 3rd (Elections and Staff Appreciation Planning) at 7pm

Please join our “West Bloomfield Middle School PTO” Facebook page!

Medication at school

If your student must have access to, carry or take ANY prescribed OR over the counter medication while at school, a form attached below, completed and signed by a doctor, must be on file in the main office.

This includes, but is not limited to Tylenol, Tums, prescriptions, and Advil. Under no circumstances can a student be in possession of medication without the proper forms on file. Students possessing medication without the forms on file or distributing medication to other students will be subject to discipline following the district's Code of Conduct.


We are very excited to announce that the West Bloomfield School District Athletic Department has partnered with FinalForms, an online forms and data management service. FinalForms allows you to complete and sign athletic participation forms for your student(s). The most exciting news is that FinalForms saves data from season to season and year to year, meaning that you will never need to enter the same information twice! FinalForms also pre-populates information wherever possible, for each of your student(s), saving you time.

You may review your data at any time to verify that it is current. You will be required to sign your forms annually and after any update.

Click on the Parent Playbook West Bloomfield Parent Playbook.pdf to get started in FinalForms. If you require support during the process, scroll to the bottom of the pdf and click “Use Support.”

We are asking that ALL parents of athletes use FinalForms.

Please register at: www.westbloomfield-mi.finalforms.com

Follow the prompts to create your account, register your student(s), and sign your forms. Thank you for your assistance in helping us streamline our paperwork processes at WBSD.

Transportation: Buses and Extra Riders

Soon we will allow extra guest riders on buses provided there is space available, the student has a note and the request is not daily. We will have more information to share shortly.

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Superintendent's Excellence Award

Every month the Superintendent and the Board of Education will recognize one WBSD student for academic excellence. In addition, the student must be dedicated to their studies, clubs and organizations, and exhibit qualities of a role model. They will be presented with the Superintendent's Excellence Award at the regular board meeting for that month. The Superintendent's Excellence Award is meant to promote success in and out of the classroom. The student must be able to handle many different aspects of student life while maintaining excellence in the classroom. The student must be diligent and complete their assignments on time; show a strong effort to learn subjects to the best of their ability; prepare for class; and have good classroom participation. The student must demonstrate excellent behavior in and out of the classroom, is well mannered, and is respectful to both peers and teachers. This award is designed to nominate and select students who promote and take pride in WBSD and in themselves.

Students will be nominated by WBSD staff and administration each month. Each month the staff will be reminded of the nominations and sent a link to complete the nomination application. Each staff member can only nominate one (1) student per month.

A student cannot receive the award more than once within a year.
Below please find the September Inclusive Celebrations Newsletter from the Office of Educational Equity and Inclusion:

Your Middle School Administration Team

Amy Hughes, Principal

Jermaine Evans, Assistant Principal

Blaine McDowell, Dean of Student Services

Lisa Graff, Assistant Principal

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