Nigeria's Physical Geography

By: Grace Lu, Mallory Langford, Karl Amburst


Nigeria is located at 9°4′0″N 7°29′0″E in Western Central Africa. The capital of Nigeria is Abuja.


Africa does not have the typical four seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter)

Because of it is close to the equator Nigeria has constant warm temperature year long. However, they have a dry and rainy season.


erosion of soft rock and clay of land body of water partly enclosed by land with access to the sea


  • Desert

    • A dry,severe biome with little rainfall and vegetation and varying temperatures during the day (38 degrees C- day, 3 degrees C- night)

  • Grassland

    • Open, continuous flat areas of grass can be located between high latitudes and desserts at subtropical latitudes and can be temperate or tropical.Every continent except Antarctica!!

  • Rainforest

    • Temperate: near cooler coastal areas, north or south of equator

    • Tropical Rainforests are closer to the equator and is hot and moist due to the year long rainfall with three layers; canopy,floor

  • Shrubland

    • Biomes with hot and dry summers with cool, moist winters made of shrubs or short trees. These areas get more rain than deserts but less that

    • Include: chaparral, woodland, and savannah

Climate Types

Tropical- located in the center of Nigeria

Wetlands- located in North Eastern Nigeria

Drylands- located North Western Nigeria

Natural Distasters

      Floods: excess rain, flooding of lakes and rivers

      Droughts: lack of precipitation

Jos Plateau

magma from Earth pushes through Earth's surface but fails to break through

This causes an elevated "tableland"