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March 2020

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TAC Students at the National Forum

TAC’s grade 10 students Boran Erdoğan, Berat Güdül, Süleyman Şah Koncagül, Ada Bayrakdar, Başak Erdoğan, Alper Girgin, Yunus Aktaş, Hasan Cahit Akıncıoğlu and Mustafa Kalın with the EYP Club Advisor Ms. Özlem Özdemir joined the TED Mersin National Forum held in Mersin on 29 February-2 March 2020. We congratulate our students for their successful contribution as members of various committees in offering solutions to various global issues.

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TAC Brings Home Two Awards in “Free Window Young Story Writers Competition”!

TAC’s grade student Damla Duman, participated in the 2020 Free Window Young Story Writers Competition’ under the advisorship of Mr. Mikail İncir, Turkish Language and Literature Department Chair. Damla, who received the “Jury Special Award” in the same competition last year, placed third among 1000 entries this year.

At the same event, our 9th grade student Cem Yıldız, advised by Mrs. Bilgen Milas, received the “Language and Expression Special Award” with his story “Four Seasons of Winter”.

‘’Moving’’ Vocabulary in the German Lesson

Tarsus American College teachers Ahu Tereci Dursun and Fatma Yavuz planned an exciting activity in their German lesson with Prep students. With the knowledge of the sentence patterns they learned, they picked vocabulary cards with the task of making grammatically proper sentences and then taking their place in the class.

During the activity, students exchanged information, helped each other in making sentences and had a lot of fun.

Finally, the grammatical mistakes made by the students during the activity were corrected by other class members. All students enjoyed learning in this experience in which they actively participated.

A TAC Club ... Mimesis

TAC’s Mimesis Club staged the play "Turning Point", written by Tankred Dorst, on Wednesday, March 11 at TAC. Cem Mahanoğlu and Erol Bora Orhon from the class of 2021 with Tuna Gürkan Uca, class of 2024, rehearsed during afterschool times and on weekends, and staged the play with the help of Esat Tuna Erdağı (TAC'21), Yalın Demirbağ (TAC’24), and Asya Gül ('24). The goal of the club in bringing “Turning Point” to the TAC stage was to increase the repertoire of art and cultural activities in the school. The play was a first for students creating a theater play entirely with their own efforts and covering the expenses of the play through the proceeds from ticket sales.

9th Grade Science Knowledge Contest at TAC

The 9th Grade Science Contest was held on Tuesday 3rd March during period two in the Stickler Auditorium and hosted by Science teachers lead by Mr. Funda Karaosmanoğlu. Each grade 9 class was represented in the contest by three students who were selected by a vote in their classrooms. The participants in the contest were:

9A Elbi Lavin Demirhan, Nazlıcan Satar, Azra Ersin, (Kaan Erman, Yusuf Tuna Yumrukuz)

9B Elif Öykü Selanik, Defne Düzgün, Kayra Kaya, (Utku Noyan, Yenal Önen)

9C Nail Tan Koç, Levent Onur Tunay, Sude Özenboy, ( Nisa Arslan, Barkan Canbolat)

9D Abdulkadir Asıllı, Mehmet Emir Terzier, Akın Barış Gelbul, (Sude Ekici, İdil Tünel)

9E Cem Yıldız, Bora Yılmazer, Işık Ali Akpınar, (Mert Doğulu, Hamit Mert Özbaşoğlu)

9F Mert Erdal, İsmail Uğur Altınışık, Defne Köroğlu, (Kerem Mesten, Barış Bayazıt)

The participants on the stage solved questions in physics, chemistry, and biology prepared by their subject teachers, and were limited to one minute per question before being prompted for a response. The contest was attended by all grade 9 students as well as teachers and school administration. The students in the audience enthusiastically cheered on their teams through four rounds of questions, but in the end the team representing 9E were victorious.

Students on the winning and competing teams were presented with certificates for their achievement.

Bookmark Sale for Internatıonal Women’s Day

TAC’s 10-B students Doğa Pehlivan and Defne Şahin set out to meet the goal of raising awareness about gender equality, a global issue, but one that is also a current issue on the nation’s agenda as well. They chose to do so on the occasion of International Women’s Day by selling bookmarks that they designed for 3 TL each. The goal of the day-long sales in the school garden on Thursday, March 5 was to draw the attention of the young people, the future of the country, to the equality of women and men, in a society where people are challenged to accept it. 410 TL was collected with the contribution of teachers and students and the funds were donated to Mor Çatı association, which fights violence against women. This money will go to support women who are waiting for help and to meet their needs. We thank Defne and Doğa for their thoughtful initiative.

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Teacher Address for the Internatıonal Women’s Day

Speaking on behalf of all women of TAC on March 9, Mrs. Dilek Fesli, teacher of philosophy, started her remarks by emphasizing the meaning and importance of International Women's Day. Fesli who pointed out that in today’s world, women are able to make a creative difference within the dominantly male forms of language and thought by producing their own areas and discourse, talked about the important milestones in history towards accomplishing this goal. This should ideally be a day of remembrance, rather than a celebration. Tarsus American College teachers and students told us about the history of those who helped build today’s world; women of the working class starting with the French revolution to the industrial revolution, those who actively participated in the revolutions of 1830 and 1848, the female organizations which developed in the US. followed by England, 129 women who went on strike for improvement of living conditions on 8 March 1857 and lost their lives fighting for this cause - reminding once again the struggles symbolized by women, helping to put the day into context.

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Peer Counseling Project

The Peer Counseling Project, which is based on the foundation that adolescents will get the best help from people closest to them, is carried out by TAC’s Counseling Department. The ten-week skills training of 9th grade students to take part in the project started on February 25th. During the training held on Tuesday and Wednesday with two separate student groups, our students joined in many activities on different topics such as teamwork, giving help and support, ethical principles, and communication skills. The students who successfully complete the training will qualify to receive “peer counselor” certificate and title as of their grade 10 year and will join the counseling support to be coordinated and supervised by the guidance counselors.

The principles of the Peer Counseling Project, which has been offered at TAC since 2010, are as follows:

● Peer counseling is not ‘managing’ others and no decision is taken on behalf of others.

● There is no use of force.

● Negative behaviors and exclusion are not allowed.

● Giving advice and making judgements are avoided.

● It is not expected to replace professional help.

The students who attended the training worked on team building in the first two weeks, getting the chance to get to know each other better and to discover their strengths.

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SEV Academy Presents “Leadership Education”

"Leadership Training", sponsored by the SEV Academy, was held on February 21-22 and March 5-6. Department heads and coordinators of all schools under the umbrella of the Health and Education Foundation attended the training. Many topics were addressed to improve the repertoire of skills of the department heads and coordinators in the leadership process, and collaborative activities and role-play were used.

In the two-day training provided by Quadrant Training Consultancy, Aytül Vatansever, the facilitator, led the group around main themes, such as Active Coaching, Collaboration, Team Building, Being Proactive and Creative Problem Solving, while the team building activities were found very by beneficial by all participants. In the end, everyone left with smiling faces.

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School-Parent Interaction Meeting on Addictions

The series of school-parent interaction meetings organized by TAC’s Counseling Department continued with the topic “Addictions”. The meeting was co-facilitated by Mrs. Özlem Algan, coordinator of counseling services and guidance counselors, Mr. İlker Kaba, and Mr. Caner Aydın. The speakers addressed all areas of addiction, especially cigarette, alcohol, and technology addiction. Technology addiction was introduced as a comparatively newer problem area due to the fact that technology has become the main means of communication in recent years, and because of the increasing use of social media and virtual games by children and adolescents.

The meeting was further enriched and made pertinent with the active participation of our parents and the sharing of examples from their family lives. The guidance counselors who facilitated the meeting responded to parents' questions under the topic and used examples to illustrate addiction behaviors that can be observed in students. In this process, the protective role of parents and the ways of battling with the problem of addiction were also discussed.

Exhibition of Photos Portraying “Women”

A photography exhibition, with the theme of “women” to mark International Women’s Day, was brought to TAC by the PTA in collaboration with Tarsus Photography Association. The exhibition was set up in the school garden on Monday, March 9, at 08:00. TAC also hosted the members of Tarsus Photography Association, who were behind the lens in these photos. The works of art were viewed with enthusiasm on campus from the first day of the exhibition.

The exhibition aims to raise awareness among our children about the context of the International Women's Day on March 8, and it remained open throughout the week.

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