Galaxy House News

September 4, 2015

Week in Review

What a great first week! The students have been getting to know one another as well as us. We have worked hard to establish proper hallway behavior and daily routines. The students also produced writing pieces and completed Math and Language pre-tests to help us determine where to start them in the scope of the curriculum. They are anxious to get started next week with their first work plan!

In addition, Friday was spent participating in Mystery Fest which is an awesome activity for developing deductive reasoning and problem-solving skills. Students had to examine a crime scene for possible clues. Next week, they will conduct several scientific tests to determine who committed the crime and how. We also began writing our own mystery stories to go along with this fun and engaging activity!

Friday, September 18: Work Plan #1 Deadline

Monday, September 21: Leave for Camp Maclean at 1:30 pm

Tuesday, September 22: Return from Camp MacLean at 3:00 pm

Friday, September 25: No School

Anneke Thompson & Michelle Glisch